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Time League Match Tip
16:00 EFL Chelsea vs Liverpool Over 2.5
17:05 FRA PSG vs Rennes 1
21:00 SPA Real Madrid vs Sevilla 1
14:30 NED Almere City vs Feyenoord 2
18:00 ITA Lecce vs Inter 2


  1. Chelsea vs Liverpool (English Football League – EFL) – Prediction: Over 2.5 Goals
    Expect a high-scoring affair as Chelsea takes on Liverpool in the EFL clash. Both teams possess formidable attacking talent, which could lead to plenty of goal-scoring opportunities. The prediction leans towards Over 2.5 goals, indicating a match filled with excitement and potentially multiple goals.
  2. PSG vs Rennes (French Ligue 1) – Prediction: 1
    PSG is favored to secure the victory against Rennes in this Ligue 1 encounter. With their strong squad and home advantage, PSG is expected to dominate proceedings and secure three points against Rennes.
  3. Real Madrid vs Sevilla (Spanish La Liga) – Prediction: 1
    Real Madrid is predicted to emerge victorious against Sevilla in this crucial La Liga fixture. With home advantage and their formidable squad, Real Madrid is expected to assert dominance and secure a vital win against Sevilla.
  4. Almere City vs Feyenoord (Dutch Eredivisie) – Prediction: 2
    Feyenoord is favored to win against Almere City in this Eredivisie matchup. With their quality and form, Feyenoord is expected to secure three points on the road against Almere City.
  5. Lecce vs Inter (Italian Serie A) – Prediction: 2
    Inter is predicted to secure the victory against Lecce in this Serie A clash. With their strong squad and ambitions in the league, Inter is expected to assert dominance and secure three points against Lecce.


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